Ethiopia: A Limit Set of the Dynamical System of Ethiopians/Dr. Dejenie A....

Ethiopia: A Limit Set of the Dynamical System of Ethiopians/Dr. Dejenie A. Lakew/

This is to those who unknowingly try to do something that is not doable- to break Ethiopia apart. In mathematics, we have what is called a dynamical system, a system of objects in a space that evolves in time. In such a system, there are different kinds of elements which behave differently.

Among the most interesting structures of such a system is what is called a limit set. A limit set is a special kind of set in the system which is the union of all objects that settled down together over time, as time goes by indefinitely (to infinity mathematically). Such sets are stable, held together with stronger forces of cohesion than any other force in the system and almost impossible to change their behavior and existence. They are structures that give a substantial meaning to the system. Systems of human beings are among dynamical systems we study and countries in this perspective are therefore limit sets of varying groups of people of a particular region, with varying time length of formations. Ethiopia is one such a limit set in North East Africa in which Ethiopians of different kinds, at times fought each other, at another time they desperately needed their unity to defend their freedom from foreign aggression and for larger areas of resources, for centuries. Any part of this structure might start out somewhere but eventually accelerates towards the path of unity and precipitated to the reformation of the country.

The unity to defend our freedom from foreign powers, the natural desires to live in the larger Ethiopia than the smaller units for resources, are among the very reasons which demand the necessity and purpose of the unity and lived together for about 3000 years. This is not an arbitrary work of unity to over look, it is not the work of children or the works of people of the 60’s who made decisions on emotions than reasons, but an essential and imperative unity of historical necessity and purpose. Our forefathers were wiser than most politicians of today and in particular of the 60’s. They were extremely visionary in state formation of a one society, not to name any part of a region by groups of people or in current destructive terminology of the 60’s ethnicities but by natural geographical boundaries, for the following reasons.

1. It does the purpose of administration easy and people handle their cases locally than going to the central government to settle down their legal and political problems.

2. It gives privileges and opportunities to any citizen to go anywhere in the country without any infringement of background and make a living and establish a life.

3. To vision a melted and united people of a common destiny that will overcome barriers together and establish a developed society. These are ideals and concepts of modern political thinking that are similar to those who build formidable and strong countries we see today, contrary to TPLF and OLF blindness whose vision does not keep the unity of the people and the country beyond 20 years. It is because of these thoughtful reasons of critical thinking and political wisdom, no one succeeded to dismantle our unity and destroy our country for so long. But for strange reason(s) and political immaturity, the 1960’ emerged to be the times our country faced the fate of Biblical Babylon. The students and people who were only able to read, borrowed a political recipe from outside they only understood from their senses, and put our society in to the whirlwind of self destruction of an ever seen kind in the history of modern society, to unwind what has been cemented by our wise forefathers for thousands of years, and put our country to the tragedy that it finds itself today, the fate of Babylon (The people who lost because of loss of their common language) and disappeared from existence.

Still these same people of the 1960’s who remain alive, instead of expressing remorse, understanding the colossal mistakes they have made and express regret of the highest order, instead we see their continued struggle to finish off our country what is left by choking so that it runs out of air to survive. The miracle they did not understand as to why Ethiopia, with all these sinister plans and acts of destroying it did not work as planned, is because of the truth, that it is the limit set of Ethiopians of thousands of years as outlined above, built and cemented by visionary masons, wise political craftsmen of our society. Therefore it is only a delusion, a psychotic state of mind, an ignorance of a higher order to indulge oneself to destroy such a set. The attempt of TPLF, OLF and their supporters for the last 25 years failed miserably and we Ethiopians ones again understand the ill motives of the enemy of our country and come to stand together, to fight and remove the weeds of deception and falsehood that grow up within us, using the resources of our country to destroy our country build by wisdom and bravery. It is a testimonial of ants from their understanding as to what an elephant is and looks like, by saying an elephant is a hard bone like matter which is round in shape, the only part of the elephant they reached and came to know, which is the foot of the elephant. Ethiopia is the elephant to those who wanted to harm and continue to do the dirty works I mentioned above but knowing Ethiopia only as the ants did to understand the Elephant.

There are more parts of Ethiopia they did not understand and could know. Ethiopians are tricked, and deceptively advised to break apart and live by their own ethnic types. To that effect, they are assigned arbitrarily outrageously crafted regions (by TPLF and OLF), with given ethnic names, so that they stick to it no matter what, as they think they have got something which they can make a country of their own out of (an impossible wish in all parameters), given stripped clothes as flags and create a new identity and history just from nowhere as weeds and call it their own, abandoning their history and identity. As a sticking agent and as an anesthesia, they use false and made up stories of criminalizing the Amhara people and Ethiopia itself. After 25 years, every Ethiopian realized the mockery and deception TPLF was making while it accumulated a never seen size of wealth in kind and create domination, in the economic, political and social life of Ethiopia, putting Ethiopians as lower class people in their own country.

It is because of the realization of this, all Ethiopians come out denouncing TPLF and demand its ouster from power. Ethiopians more than any other time start fighting TPLF in unison and set free their country to be theirs. To fight an enemy of this kind, which implants itself with sinister plans and set our country free, we have to do exactly the opposite of what TPLF and OLF have done, to delegitimize everything they both put in place, destroy the scaffolding of destruction they built. Here are the few necessary things we have to do in our daily political, social and economic activities:

(1) To abandon every lexicon they borrowed and brought in to our country to put their frame work of distraction (nations, nationalities etc)

(2) Never utilize ethnic names of regions they created and never use maps of Ethiopia with regions they created for their sinister desires, instead use the old regions and their respective geographical names. It is always natural that people will be protective of things they think is theirs and wanted to make it bigger by any means. When particular regions are arbitrary assigned to particular ethnic group as their own, there is no deadly weapon of destruction and social chaos for our people than this. A responsible wise parent gives a vine backyard to all his/her children together as theirs and tell them to protect and utilize it for their well being for all time.

Without any problem, they will utilize it with care for all time. But a foolish parent or a sinister parent divides the vine yard and assign each piece to the children. The next evening, instead of watching them watering the vine yard, he saw a fight broke out between his children in the vine yard, because of a quarrel on the delimitation of the pieces they received, one thinks his part goes that far and the other thinks otherwise, greed sneaks in and natural human impulses emerge. The parent created a situation where his children to become deadly enemies of each other by their own property, because of foolishness of parenting. Giant companies that dominate the world market today in America, I know are companies who are owned by families together for long times, from generation to generation, but those who partitioned the companies to siblings, after their parents passed away, in most cases vanished shortly, because of smallness, sibling infighting and competition of a wrong kind. TPLF and OLF are these deadly enemies of our society that partitioned our country and assigned each piece to an ethnic group, to create the scenario of sibling infighting I mentioned for all time.

(3) Abandon the stripped clothes they brought for us as flags. Our country is one of the oldest countries alive on earth with world known flag, the flag we Ethiopians hold and died holding it for centuries to defend our freedom, as a result, many African countries take it as a source of pride and beacon of freedom and emulated in some form to be their own. We do not need a new we, a new identity from TPLF, the group which in the first place came in to existence through ploy and political mischief to hoodwink Ethiopians to its own benefit.

(4) Avoid playing victim-hood of history; it is a psychological phenomenon that is easily contagious without a cause. There are people who want to play a victim of a teacher of a school, because of the teacher spanked them for not doing home works properly, while the teacher actually did that for every student that is not from malice. By being a society of humans, there is always a crime committed by any group against another in the past in order to create the country. We witness today as we speak, violet tone and infringements they will commit on others in their TPLF given regions and beyond, from delusional and extremist Oromos, let alone what happened several hundreds of years ago. The country is the result of the total sum of all socio-political dynamics that took place in the past, in which contemporary citizens have no control over, luckily we have our country for all, regardless of the past.

(5) Establish political parties that are of ideas not parties that have ethnic names. Politics of a country by virtue is a social activity of ideas and philosophies of governance for the well being of individual citizens and collective welfare of a society. Citizens should be able to become political members of ideas, philosophies and visions that will transform the society, not ethnic parties that devote themselves only to the welfare of their own ethnic groups, absolutely contradictory to the concept of one country and reasons of going apart to nowhere but chaos. An Ethiopian has to be a member of a political party wherever he/she lives throughout Ethiopia, to offer social service. Ethnic political parties are like ranches which cater people that are members of that ethnic group only and sideline others who reside in the locality of that ethnic group. This puts Ethiopia ones again to be a unique country that uses unusable politics in modern society. Imagine for a moment what living in America will look like, if only ethnic parties are the political rulers of the society. Society will practically come to a stop and life will freeze. Living better is not a myth or magic but a result of doing right things on right times. As long as we keep doing things wrong, we will always live a life that is detached from what we wanted. Nobody reaches to a summit if he/she travels the wrong way, only those who traveled the right way reaches.

The wisdom and political maturity of our forefathers are displayed from the fact that they never opened the Pandora box of chaos, using ethnic names to identify administrative regions; instead they used geographical names for the sake of better management and to empower all types of people who live in these regions by not being identified by what they ethnically are. Sometimes, the past has solutions to current challenging problems than the contemporary society. Ethiopia Shall Always Live in Pride and Dignity!