” Value Analysis” by Abate Kassa /New Book/

” Value Analysis” by Abate Kassa /New Book/

የፋይዳ ትንታኔ Value Analysis Abate Kassa, the former Purchasing Manager of Ethiopian Airlines and the first black Executive Director of the Institute for Supply Management-New York in a hundred years has published his seminal work in Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VA/VE) in both Amharic and English. It is a product of his dual lenses of experience and research over forty years. It is a book dedicated to transform one’s life to become a better problem solver and innovator. Moreover, VA/VE will come in handy to those who wish to initiate a managerial revolution or would be entrusted in building a modern Ethiopia!

Here is an abstract of his book:

In this hyper-connected and hyper-flattened world, the key to success is excellence and Abate Kassa’s re-engineered value engineering serves as a blueprint for achieving operational excellence and developing a workforce of problem solvers and innovators.

Abate’s book VA/VE REENGINEERED is unique primarily because as a catalyst for change it updates and upgrades the value methodology by amalgamating the complementary strengths of the newly minted improvement methodologies, such as, Lean Production, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Total Quality Management, Quality Function Deployment, Business Process Reengineering, and Project Management and by integrating them into the scientific method of the value methodology, Abate Kassa dubbed PISERIA, based on the multi-disciplinary and whole-system thinking approach. By so doing, it positively disrupts the status quo of silo thinking that limits the effectiveness of these fragmented methodologies.

What is different about the re-engineered value engineering is that it solves that fragmentation problem by (a) capitalizing on VA/VE’s customer-centered functional approach of the value methodology, and (b) transforming the aforementioned improvement methodologies into an integrated whole system, to develop a dynamic hybrid and a broader body of knowledge to help organizations achieve dramatic results. That is the power of simplicity of leveraging all the value improvement tools into the common process of the scientific method of the value methodology, thereby achieving optimization through the integrated architecture. In other words, the reengineered VA/VE is metaphorically like a Swiss Army knife that combines several individual functions in a single unit.

Because the value methodology (PISERIA) provides a roadmap to achieve operational excellence and a toolkit that can help organizations foster a value-for-money culture, leadership and management teams of business and government would be interested in mastering the VA/VE discipline. VA/VE helps employees find meaning in work while helping organizations get results. Meaning at work drives workplace productivity and VA/VE makes work meaningful by providing people with the opportunity forself-actualization and achievement. Culture being how organizations ‘do things,’ organizations can adopt the re-engineered VA/VE as their corporate DNA–a way of doing things better-faster-leaner, as it is justifiable to be embedded in their corporate culture. Therefore, by unleashing the underutilized yet powerful problem-solving tool of the re-engineered VA/VE, organizations will be able to self-diagnose their problems and self-discover their own solutions.

If you are engaged in the pursuit of excellence and wish to make the leap from good to great and generate an immediate and measurable payback to the tune of at least 20:1 for every dollar invested in your continuous improvement effort, you would want to empower your people with the knowledge and skills of the re-engineered VA/VE.

In brief, the new book Abate Kassa authored this year, positively disrupts the status quo of silo thinking by unleashing the power of value thinking.

Here are the links to both books:

https://www.amazon.com/Yefaida-Tenetane-Ena-HendesaAmharic/dp/0578173204/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474069736&sr=8- 1&keywords=Yefaida+Tenetane


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