An Exclusive Interview With President Isaias Afwerki /Part 1/

An Exclusive Interview With President Isaias Afwerki /Part 1/


  1. OMN should have given such an interview to Al-Toweel a long time ago. Why not? He has been footing the bill for this media outfit along with el-Sisi. I used to be very upset at that demon whenever he blows his dragon breaths all over. But I don’t do that anymore. Because I came to grips that he has gone mad. Just listen to the contempt he has for my very proud Oromos. After all this mumbo jumbo from him, we can be rest assured that he is still hell bent in starting a blazing fire in the old country. Distortion, distortion, distortion, all up to ad nauseam. Al-Toweel Isaias gets high in starting fire. He has been doing that since the early 1970’s. You can find about that if you read some of the books written by the former leaders of the EPRP and TPLF. He knew these two groups would come to blows at each other sooner or later. Anyone could predict that just by looking at their programs. What did he do? He trained and armed both individually and sent them separate ways to the same region of Tigray. It did not take them too long to go after each other’s throat. Didn’t they? He is now training and arming a multitude groups of lost souls knowing for fact that if all these groups march in victory into Addis(Finfine), that city will be engulfed in a raging inferno in a heartbeat. Not only there but extremely destructive mayhem will rage throughout the old country. That will be his high, his orgasm!!! Because in my book he is a condemned pyromaniac. He tried to start fire in Djubouti between our Issa and Afar brothers and sisters. He failed. He thought he would start fire in the Sudan. He failed again.. He has been trying to start an inferno in the old country in 1991 and thence forward. He has failed flat on his face again and again so far. One thing I like in this interview is the response he gave this nitwit so-called reporter about the onslaught the TPLF successfully launched on the 20,000 soldiers of the Lencho front. He was actually telling the dummy that it was the Ibsa’s, Lencho and their friends who should have been accountable for the most embarrassing fate that had befallen in the name of my very proud Oromos. The fact was that Isaias himself devised that heinous scheme with the then cousin Meles and the Sebhats in all. That mooncalf reporter should have known that. ‘Many Oromos don’t trust you since then’. What is that? What a stupid question is that? Hello!!!! This demon Isaias is a bona fide pyromaniac. He has found loaded flints in the bodies of Berhanu Nega and Ibsa but these flints failed to spark fire. Therefore he failed flat on his face once again.

    OMN, how much did you make from this smitten interview? I am giving you an order to not come back without giving the same opportunity to el-Sisi. Oh, don’t forget the Wahhabis and your Eyal-al-Souq bankrollers in Doha. I propose a raise to Jawar for this state of the art interview!!! Disgusting!!!!

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