Ethiopia Waldiya: Five killed by police at religious festival

Ethiopia Waldiya: Five killed by police at religious festival

At least five people have been killed in northern Ethiopia after security forces fired on a crowd at a religious festival who were reportedly shouting anti-government slogans.

Many more were injured in the incident in the town of Waldiya. Angry protesters have blocked roads and businesses are closed.

There have been nearly three years of opposition demonstrations in Ethiopia.

On Wednesday, hundreds of activists were released from jail.

The deaths happened during the second day of Epiphany celebrations commemorating the baptism of Jesus.

Dozens of people are reportedly receiving hospital treatment after the shooting.

Anti-government demonstrators in Ethiopia have been calling for political and economic reforms and an end to state corruption and human rights abuses.

Among the suspects released from detention by the government on Wednesday was prominent opposition leader Merera Gudina, who spent more than a year in detention.

At the beginning of January, Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn announced the government would close Maekelawi – a detention facility in the capital, Addis Ababa, allegedly used as a torture chamber.

The Ethiopian government imposed a state of emergency from October 2016 to August 2017 to end an unprecedented wave of protests against its 25-year rule.




  1. I would like to express my family’s condolences to the families of the deceased. It is a tragedy which is becoming more and more common these days. It is becoming evident that going out to celebrate today may end up to be the last day on this good earth. As I mentioned before there is no stopping the youth over there from shouting out loud what it sees all wrong around. It is a charged up environment where the youth has chosen to get done with its never ending hardship as an unemployed. Yes it sees high rise and fancy modern building popping out all around downtown with in-your-face hotels and restaurants while being left by the curve. And when digging deeper it notices that the owners are a privileged few having connections with the power that be. From what I have been reading, lately in particular, is the fact that burning and rioting happened after killings of protesters. Are protesters over there now designated shooting training targets? How long the killing policy will go on? This is really very disturbing. I tell you the opposition should take notice about this enraged youth. It must have a well thought out plan to address the need of the unemployed youth right out of the bat. And I have done this in the past just out of desperation as a staunch student of peaceful struggle. I call upon the level headed individuals with decision making authority in the regime to start an open dialogue with all opposition groups that have chosen the non-violent path. As I said before the opposition and the regime should be willing and ready to compromise. I have also said in the past that there are a lot of work done in the area of development such as factories, transportation and institutions that serve the public at large. Both sides should make sure such works will go on uninterrupted and protected. Everything plausible should be done to encourage foreign investment to keep coming with gusto. Without massive foreign investment the survivality of the entire people is going to om a precarious balance. The other danger I have been noticing in the last two or three year a methodical encirclement by foreign forces each withs own ambition. You see. That old country that produced us all is untouched sitting on yet to be discovered(geologically proven) abundance of natural resources. It is a country where most of its areas does not air conditioning or heating(except deserts and high altitude places. It has untabbed water resources. But look around. You can say every surrounding countries are either exhausted of their natural resources or don’t have in abundance. Our old coutry is a diamond-in-a rough. It seems the Wahhabis are prowling in the hood!!! It seems every scoundrel and bigot is buying time to ignite an out of control mayhem by pitching one neighbor on another. These demons want to see us fight each other until wipe ourselves out or reach at a point where nothing can be reversible. Just like Syria and Yemen. For all practical reasons those countries are dead and gone. They exist in name only. Unless something constructive is done and done without waiting too long, we may as well forget about the old country. She will be done. I hope and I will keep on praying for that not to befall that proud and glorious people that produced us all. We should get rid of this habit we have picked up as a hobby these days Oromo this and Amhara that, Tigre this Somali that. This is the way I see it and that offends some people, well tough luck.